About Kelley Griffin

A closet romantic suspense writer, teacher, mom to five sons, wife to a Marine, and southerner by common law, Kelley Griffin began writing the old fashioned way; a fluid pen and spiral bound books of line-less paper. She's blessed to be surrounded by testosterone, laughter, family, and love everyday. Her characters will be etched in your memory long after the last page. Kelley's unpublished debut novel “Unraveling Kirin Lane” explores the journey of Kirin—a comically clumsy 40 year old widow, thrust into her late father's world of corruption in order to discover the truth about her mother's untimely death. Kelley's second novel, "Binding Circumstance" follows Leslie—a young single mother, who's fear of being touched after surviving abuse in college paralyzes her. Branching out, she lands her dream job as a costume designer for a film production company. Things are perfect until she learns the hot Hollywood actor she's falling for might be tied more intricately to her past than she ever thought possible and when her monster finds out, they must fight together to survive. 


When you have your characters bumble into awkward situations you are at your best. And one of the things I appreciate about your writing is that your characters are so human. They stumble and bumble, say the wrong things, embarrass themselves, feel like they never measure up, etc. And yet, you endow them with an innate strength which, perhaps, they didn’t even know they had.

~Deb Rhodes, Editor

Writing Style

Kelley's writing style is a mixture of suspense, humor and romance and although there is a desk in the closet, she prefers to write on the cluttered floor at 5 am.  Most Saturday's when she is not driving to the endless flurry of practices, games and birthday parties you can find her sitting in her closet, door closed, headphones on, writing the next scene in her latest novel.    

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