Welcome to my crazy world.  I am glad that you are here with me on this journey.  Here you will learn all about the struggle of being a full time worker bee, wife and mom as well as trying to get a book published and what I have learned about that industry.  My hopes are that this blog will be informative, but make you smile too.  Speaking of crazy.... Have you ever bought so many groceries that they are spilling out of every orifice of your cart?  My cart last Friday at ALDI was so full that I was teetering a bag of potatoes on one arm as there was no place to put them and I actually commented to the cute couple in their 20's behind me stating, "I'm really not a hoarder.  I have a big family."  They smiled politely enough, but I turned around thinking that I must be some type of lunatic.  Hoarder.  That was the best word that my writer mind could come up with on the spur of the moment?  Writer's minds.... that brings me to the reason that I began writing; My Grandma.  Elaine Morrissey, was a reporter/ photographer back in the 40's.  She had 4 small kids and took care of everyone, a farm, a husband and still found time to go out and get the story, photograph the story and write the copy for the paper.  In her 90's and residing in a nursing home, she said to me - "If I am going to write that novel, I'd better get busy."  She never wrote that novel inside of her, but I often wonder if she had... what would it have said?  I didn't want that type of regret - therefore I write.

See you next time,

KT Griffin



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