Teaser for 2nd Kirin Lane book

Hi guys!  below is the excerpt at the back of Unraveling Kirin Lane  -Let me know what you think!!


Excerpt from book 2 – The Detangling of Kirin Lane:


Shards of glass resting on the floor next to her face reflected colorful rays of purples, reds and bright yellows. The remains of the freshly crumbled hospital wall looked like scattered cookie crumbs along the floor. The cold floor was hard as an ice block on her face. Instinctively, her eyes closed at the second blast—but her ears registered no noise except muffled sounds: screams, glass breaking, car alarms or maybe hospital alarms, block falling, and people yelling.

The bloody fingers on her left hand curiously walked toward one piece of the blown-out window—to touch it. Squinting to pull her eyes into focus, she looked through the piece of broken glass to a distorted wave of sandy brown hair. It partially covered a woman’s face she didn’t recognize.

 The face was coated in dust-covered blood.

She needed to focus. Pushing off with her toes and balancing her body weight on her left elbow, Kirin shifted her body forward a few inches toward the hair. She vaguely registered her right arm must be broken or gone. It wasn’t responding.

 She couldn’t turn her head to the right without unbearable pain shooting through her body sucking her breath away. Kirin pushed off once more to align her left arm within reach of the hair. Sliding her cut arm across the glass-soaked floor, she raised her left hand. She lifted a thick strand of blood-soaked hair off the woman’s face with her fingertips.

Kirin’s hand recoiled. A loud sob bubbled up in her throat right before everything went dark. One thought stood still in her subconscious as tears fell. She let the dark pull her under.

Laura. They got Laura.