Getting started in writing

Ready, Set, go! 

The two questions that I get asked most often when I tell someone that I have written a novel are  "How do you find the time to write?" and "How did you get started?"  I am going to give you the short answers....

1.  You make the time - because it's something you want to do.  Need to do.  I wake up most mornings at 5 a.m. and write- then I get dressed, drive the kids to school and race to work.  It's a habit.  Like brushing your teeth.  You just commit to it for several days in a row and when you miss a day, you feel uneasy  like you accidentally left your arm at home.  

2.  I had a friend (Kelly Morton Davies) give me a book entitled, The Call of the Writer's Craft: Writing and Selling the Book Within by Tom Bird.  Read it cover to cover, bought a LARGE sketch pad, some G2 pens and just began.  

 If you ever thought of writing a book - NOW is the time!  What's stopping you?  Usually it's fear.  Fear of failure or sometimes fear of success.  Just do it. You only get one quarter in this life - use it!

See you next time,


Kelley GriffinComment