Unraveling Kirin Lane

Kirin Lane has loathed her father since her mother died mysteriously and her father abandoned her.  Now a young southern woman, widowed with two small boys, Kirin must choose whether to keep her comfortable hatred of her father or decide to follow the clues and missing pages hidden in the book he bequeathed to her, to discover why her father left her behind. 

During her father’s funeral, Kirin encounters a group of dark-suited men and one in particular whose bright-white, murderous smile causes her blood to run cold.  Saul was her father’s boss in a west coast crime ring.  Tortured by a lost love and fueled by the notion that Kirin’s father hid the codes he needs to access his millions in the book, Saul will stop at nothing to steal it back from her.  Kirin must solve the mystery of her mother’s death before Saul finds her in order to keep her family safe.

Successful and confident, yet riddled with abandon and trust issues Kirin can only think of keeping herself and her boys alive but when a handsome stranger saves her in a parking lot, she begins to believe that she could love again and place her trust in someone who won’t ever leave her. 

Sam is handsome, loyal and has secretly been watching over Kirin for the past two years, which hasn’t been easy with her innate super-talent of falling head first into trouble.  Ending every other relationship as soon as it begins, Sam must decide if his heart will be strong enough to protect Kirin, gain her trust, and finally allow someone into his life.  


Binding Circumstance

               Sheltered and naïve, young beauties Linnie and Anne Carroll have only experienced one week of college life away from their overprotective father when an invitation to dance at a club piques their interest.  When the darkness of the drug that’s slipped into their drinks pulls them under as a depraved upperclassman drives the twins to an abandoned house, their lives will never be the same.

                Six years later, identity changed and a fear of being touched instilled, single mom Leslie Carroll has landed her dream job as a Hollywood Costume Designer.  Accidentally stumbling into the handsome and world famous Charlie Erickson’s private dressing room on her first day, Leslie sets into motion his inevitable breakup with his angry girlfriend and inadvertently turns his attention on her. 

                Insulting him repeatedly and avoiding him at every turn doesn’t seem to deter Charlie.  He is taken by the strong willed, dark haired beauty with the smart mouth.  At times, the stunning girl seems fragile, but hardened on the outside by something in her past.  She doesn’t treat him like a movie star and he’s intrigued by her feistiness.  Charlie makes it his mission to earn her trust, discover her horrific past and to touch Leslie in every way possible.  

                When the monster that haunts her dreams gets too close, Leslie’s past collides horribly with her future.  Will Leslie run or be able to face her past telling Charlie the truth before it’s too late?  Will he still want her if he knows her dark secrets?