Unraveling Kirin Lane

As a single, southern mom and OB nurse, Kirin Lane can handle anything from delivering breeched twins to retrieving a lodged Batman toy from the toilet. What she can’t quite manage is the hurt and resentment she feels toward her estranged father who abandoned her as a child shortly after her mother’s death.  

When Kirin’s father dies, she considers tossing the one possession her father left her after more than thirty years of silence—a tattered Marine Corps Field Manual. But when she’s chased through the airport by dark-suited men and finds her house ransacked, its high time to dive into the mystery of the book. Much to her surprise, she finds clues inside it that pull her into her father’s life mission—finding the truth about her mother’s death and ending the organization responsible.  

Following the clues means she’ll need to trust her handsome, flirtatious protector, Sam Neal–something she’s hesitant to do since he was hired by her late father. Rugged, sexy and single, Sam awakens feelings she thought were in permanent hibernation. But when his connections to her father’s organized crime ring surface, Kirin must both question his loyalty and rely on his help. She races against the clock to unravel the clues and find her mother’s killer before the killer comes to find her.

Binding Circumstance

As a new Hollywood costume designer, Leslie Carroll can hack the endless hours of fittings, grueling shoot schedules, snarky colleagues, and her pretentious boss. What she can’t quite navigate is feeling responsible for the death of her twin sister, and she won’t ever forgive herself, not ever.

For Leslie, falling in love isn’t part of her master plan, especially if it means falling for someone in the limelight like Mr. All-American, Hot, and Famous.

With a name as globally known as his films, Charlie Erickson is a six-foot, chisel-jawed heartthrob with southern roots and a humble side. He has everything a guy could want; fame, money, properties and a high-maintenance Hollywood socialite girlfriend–yet something is missing. When Leslie accidentally stumbles into his dressing room and sets into motion his breakup with snobby Christine, he discovers true chemistry with the dark-eyed beauty. The only glitch is she’s holding something back and the pain in her eyes scares him.

Leslie needs this fresh start and to keep herself hidden. But when the monster who took away her innocence and haunts her nightmares ends up being inside Charlie’s entourage, Leslie’s past collides dangerously with her future. What Leslie has kept secret changes everything.

BINDING CIRCUMSTANCE is the story of what happens when a Hollywood insider, who has everything he could want, falls in love with a costume designer, who has everything to hide. When the right love is thrust into the limelight at the wrong time, neither one is prepared for the consequences. This story is in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada meets Sweet Home Alabama.