Proofreading Services

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It all started when…

In college, I worked as a bank teller. I loved this job—it allowed me to  to run my mouth all day. But one of the many things I learned was a fresh set of eyes could always spot a mistake faster than someone who'd stared at a problem too long.

This is where the idea of proofreading came into play. I've proofread for countless other authors and found mistakes they'd read over a hundred times and didn't see. My own manuscripts, when checked by professional fresh eyes, always came back cleaner and error free.

When I had my second novel professionally edited, I reached out to other romance authors for help proofreading and like the tribe they are, they responded ready to help, but...I felt guilty. They needed to spend their precious hours working on their own novels. So, I looked for professional help and realized the more I researched, took courses and dug into proofreading, the more it clicked how much I love to do this for others.

What makes me a great proofreader? I've always had a solid grasp of the English language. I'm a spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and diagram geek. They were my favorite parts of English class as a kid. But the added benefit to fiction writers is I've written three books (with three more on the way!). I know how important it is to preserve your voice when proofing. I know the rules of staying in one tense. I know how plot, structure, theme and hook work. I know to use adverbs sparingly, delete all filler words and how active verbs can solidify a picture in your readers minds.

And I know the last thing you want as an author is for someone to stumble over an awkward sentence or put the book down. I'm here to help you work toward the goal of perfection prior to publication.